TikTok, what's it all about?

TikTok, what's it all about?

If you don't know much about TikTok, it is a social media platform where people create different kinds of short videos, primarily for entertainment. 

You may have noticed across your preferred social media platforms that they are pushing the video revolution. It is to try and keep up with TikTok. People often paint it in a bad light, overlooking its truly unique, positive aspects. Its popularity, however, is proof that TikTok is doing something right.

It is not discriminative; ordinary people, from different cultures and backgrounds, from all age groups, share their creative talents, unforgettable experiences and funny thoughts or feelings about life. Best of all, the content has a universal appeal, where its greatest strength is the sense of community felt by its users and their bond with each other.

 This bond is further strengthened when TikTok influencers create physical events where people gather and interact. This way, TikTok helps create one big happy family you can become a part of and enjoy.
You may have seen, in the news, the mass gatherings at 'Binley Mega Chippy' in Coventry, West Midlands. This coverage is all from the TikTok community coming together, being creative and giving a small business a little fame. It went worldwide!

You can even learn about new places and cultures with the tons of content TikTok has to offer because people from all over the world have joined this phenomenal platform. Users show their language, lifestyle, food and more. Plus, Vloggers and nature lovers are sharing their surroundings and mother nature's finest moments. This is an excellent way to plan your next holiday and see what a place is like without leaving your house!

TikTok is one of the best sources for funny content. We all love some good humour and comedy every once in a while. And that's a speciality of TikTok, as it has some of the best funny videos and memes. Have you seen Khabane Lame yet? His simple, silent videos are brilliant. He takes other TikToker's life hacks videos and shows you how daft they are!

 And keeping with the entertainment theme, how about the excellent Sam Ryder!
During the various lockdowns of 2020, this ordinary hairy chap entertained us by banging out his fantastic voice through TikTok videos. By May 2022, he brought the United Kingdom to 2nd place in the Eurovision song contest with his track Spaceman. But it didn't stop there for Sam; he was given the honour to perform that track on the stage outside Buckingham Palace for the Queen's Platinium Jubilee. Well done, Sam! It's time to take a breather now. What a fantastic experience; his family must be so proud.

Now it's your turn to get involved and bond with your other family members, young or old. So come out of your individual rooms, away from your screens and have a go together at some simple TikTok dance routines. You won't regret it!

At the beginning of my TikTok usage, I started recording my painting creations; you can watch them develop before your eyes. But as I have gotten used to using the platform, I have realised the beauty that surrounds me daily, and I want to share this with the TikTok community. Encouraging them to be aware of the little things in life, they may not take time out of their busy lives to enjoy themselves.

This is the incredible bond that TikTok brings to people like you. After a long, tiring, and busy day you can rejuvenate and refresh your mind with a daily dose of positivity and spread some good news in your own way.

Have fun!
"We can't change the world but your smile changes mine"

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