TikTok, what's it all about?

TikTok, what's it all about?

If you don't know much about TikTok, it is a social media platform where people create different kinds of short videos, primarily for entertainment. 

You may have noticed across your...

Why Is Art Important?

Art is important to us Humans. It accesses different parts of your brain to help with development, understanding and learning; by providing a visual format instead of just words or numbers. Art gives you the power to mould and shape your life and...

Types of artwork

Have you thought about what best describes art?
It sure is diverse; I would define it as an expression which a human's imagination, creativity and skill.

We experience most arts visually; some can be enjoyed through sensory touch or audible. Arts...

It started with a rock

Do you remember there was a time before the Pesky Pandemic? That seems such a long time ago now. But back then, things were a little different.  I had just discovered the joy of painting rocks.  

It was a great hobby but...

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