Cute Beast Artwork - The Blue Grey Deer

Meet 'The Blue Grey Deer'. Admire the challenge of colours and building layers of density. As your hands move through the thick woollen fur; surrounding his muscular tones, admire those magnificent antlers but don't spook him. The more mature the deer, the larger those antlers get!

You could also add the Bradgate Deer or even the Highland Cow to your Cute Beast Artwork Collection. They look great next to each other.

Great news! To save you from running around the shops looking for a frame for your new artwork, your order will arrive pre-mounted and framed for you. Now all you have to do is hang it and enjoy it!

Frame dimensions: 13.5" x 11.5" (external), 10" x 8" (internal)
Glass-fronted with mount included

+ free shipping!
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Blog About Contact Me Privacy Policy